Product FAQ
Product FAQ

Product FAQ

Do You Offer Custom Quotes For High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards?

Yes, we offer custom HF circuit board quotes basis your bespoke requirements.

What Kind Of Applications Do High Frequency PCBs Find?

HF (High Frequency) Printed circuit boards find a range of applications in various industries including medical, communications, radar systems and more.

Can Your PCB Experts Guide Us On The Choice Of Material We Should Go With?

Sure, our experienced team is in the best position to guide you on it. Whether you require high frequency printed circuit boards or any type of custom PCBs, we can cater your needs!

What Is The Standard Time For Manufacturing High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards?

We need from between 2 to 5 days depending on your bespoke requirements.

What Surface Finishes Do You Offer For High Frequency PCB?

We offer ROHS- Immersion tin, gold, silver surface finishes. Also, if you require any custom finishing for high frequency bare boards, feel free to contact us.

What Are High Frequency PCBs?

High Frequency PCB is a type of PCB which is an ideal choice for high-speed design applications which typically require a frequency range of 500MHz to 2 GHz.

What Is The Full Form Of THT PCBA?

THT PCBA is abbreviated for Through Hole Technology Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

Where Are The Through Hole PCB Assemblies Used?

There are multitude of applications of the through hole PCB assembly; hence they are widely used in power electronics and other devices which generate a lot of heat.

What Are Components On Through Hole PCB Called?

The through hole PCB mounting components called as axial and radial leads components.

What Is Through Hole PCB Assembly?

In the Through hole PCB assembly, the leads of the components are inserted into the holes which are drilled in bare boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by automated assembly insertion or manual assembly.