Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection Molding
Singo integrates excellent supply chain from upstream and downstream to offer professional mold and injection molding services to global customers, including 3D prototype, small-batch to volume production. Materials such as polypropylene, nylon, polyetherimide, stainless steel and a range of additional parts are available. Hope to meet your market goal and success.
Plastic Injection Molding
Most common for plastic parts. The particles of the material are heated and then injected into the mold cavity, where the part hardens in the shape of the cavity. The section is then ejected to release more spacing for more material injection.
Reaction Injection Molding
In reaction injection molding, thermosetting polymer resin is used instead of molten thermoplastic material. When mixed in the tool, there is actually a "reaction" that drives the polymerization of the input material, resulting in the cured part of the mold. The lower resin viscosity allows the process to be used to make larger parts than thermoplastic, which tend to show defects when trying to make larger sizes.
Metal Injection Molding
Metal injection molding starts with fine metal powders. Together with the adhesive, the particles are filtered into the barrel cavity, which rotates and mixes the two adhesives to an injectable consistency. The rotating rod is quickly jammed forward to insert the mixture into the negative space of the workpiece. Air escapes from the negative space of the workpiece through tiny holes, so that the wire completely fills the cavity instead of leaving the workpiece like air.

*Quickly meet with your market and supply chain needs

*High stability of molding services with internal molding parts and materials

*Experienced and skillful workers


*Help modify mold according to product upgrade

*Cost effective

During past decades, our economic and quality injection molding services were praised by customers from European and North America regions.