Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly
Singo offers a breadth of cable harness assembly capabilities that remain unmatched in the industry. We specialize in assembling simple wire cable assemblies through to complex custom-build cable and wire harnesses using combinations of single-core or multicore cables. Besides, we also offer complex system assembly, turnkey solutions, and box build along with our cable and harness assembly by deploying advanced techniques and CAD software.

We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and reliable assembly teams who can assist you with design and complete the assembly for all your requirements. Our responsive team is quick to provide you rapid prototypes. Quality remains the core aspect of our assembly process and we use top-grade materials to ensure that all the products meet high-quality industry standards. We focus on bringing value to our esteemed clients by increasing your assembly’s performance and productivity.

With many years of rock-solid reputation in delivering high-quality and faster time-to-market services, we provide application-specific cable harness assembly services. We produce custom cable and wire harness assembly for various applications ranging from simple to complex design incorporating bespoke requirements. Our services cater to diverse industry verticals including military, aerospace, telecommunication, medical, renewable industry, etc.
Premium Cable Harness Assembly Solutions for Defect-free Electronics
Unmatched Expertise
– Singo engineering and manufacturing teams are adept in understanding what’s best for various electronic systems and have been designing and refining the cable harness assemblies that fit your electronics needs in an orderly fashion.
PCBA Compatibility
– Singo ensure PCB Assembly compatibility as well as box build compatibility alongside your cable harness assemblies. You can have the ability for checking the products and their compatibility during the manufacturing phase itself.
– Singo custom cable solutions can be designed as per your desired size and shape to best fit your boards. From bench-top equipment to fully automated cable assembling, you can rely on our craftsmanship for acquiring that high precision and accurate fitting for your box build or PCBs.
Higher Returns
– Singo delivers the highest quality products whether you need low or high-volume production runs at competitive prices. Everything is handled in-house to keep the prices low and to maintain consistent quality even for the complex cable harnesses.
Specialized Cable Harness Services
– Singo specialize in the ribbon cable, coaxial, electromechanical assemblies. We use fixtures for harnessing accurately, verify data, and offer revision controls for ensuring reliable and consistent results. We also offer harness board development services for improving the speed of testing complex harnesses and shortening the delivery time.
1.Cable Harness Assembly Types
Singo offers fiber optic cable assemblies, copper cable assemblies, and hybrid assemblies. We have a huge selection of cable harness assemblies.
*Conductor Type Options – Solid or Stranded, Size, Colors
*Wide range of insulation materials
*Connectivity options like connectors, covers, pins, housings, and contacts
*Terminal blocks and/or enclosures
*Other components such as ferrules, terminal blocks, potting, boots, bushings, strain reliefs, shrink tubing, and more.

Copper Cable – Hook-up Wire, Cat. 3 – UTP, STP, Cat. 5 – UTP, STP, Coaxial, Multi-conductor, Power
Fiber Optic Cable – Ribbon, Single Mode, Multimode, Hybrid, Simplex, Duplex
Connectivity – Connectors, Covers, Housings, Pins, Contacts
Other components – Ferrules, Strain Reliefs, Shrink Tubing, Terminal Blocks, Enclosures, Boots, Bushings, Potting Material
2.Cable Harness Assembly Capabilities
Singo offers a wide gamut of custom cable assembly capabilities that can be used for any electronic application. We have gained adequate expertise in the design and manufacturing of these cables at the lowest cost but high-performance cable projects. Our solutions include the prototyping, design, development, and management of custom cable assembly for both low volume/high mix to high volume/low mix production capacities. We can use STP files for printing 3D prototypes of the designs to check the fittings early on and eliminate the design risks if any.

Our cable harness assembly capabilities include
*Ribbon cables
*Coaxial cables
*Custom harness
*Fibre Optical cable assemblies
*Multiconductor assemblies
*Sophisticated cable assemblies
*Electromechanical assemblies
*Sheet Metal stamping, bending & powder coating
What is cable harness assembly?
Cable harness assembly is designed for transmitting electrical power or signals. A cable assembly is a set of cables with an intensive experior and made of heavy-duty materials like viny or thermoplastic rubber or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic.
What is wire harness assembly?
A wire harness is a set of cables or wires that relies on low-cost elements for keeping the components together. It uses a sheath material that is similar to thermoplastic for protecting the internal wires and cables. But you may not need the additional protective measures for sheathing as these components have built-in additional protective measures.
Do you offer custom cable harness services?
Absolutely, yes. Our superior cable harness assembly services are built as per the customer’s expectations and specifications. You can rely on our workmanship in assembling custom wire harnesses in a variety of colors, wire gauges, and lengths. Depending on your needs, we can cut and scrape the length of the cables that can be varied. Customers have been consistently rating our cable harness assembly services at near-perfect levels.
How do you select the materials and what cable harness assembly methods are followed?
Our cable assembly engineering team has harness experts who can assist you with value engineering through better assembly methods, improved material selections for supporting efficient cable assembly. We choose the materials and base the methods that best suit the demands of your finished products. Our technicians automate the process wherever possible like stripping, testing, and crimping.
What is the difference between cable harness and wire harness?
Quite often these two are confused as the same but they are not and serve different purposes. A wire could be a single strand or bundle of strands for conductive purposes. They could be made of aluminum or copper. However, the cable has two or more conductors that are insulated and twisted together inside a protective outer jacket. A wire harness links wires into a cohesive unit with necessary connections and terminations for completion of the task. While cable harness is also similar to this but differs in the applications.