Anti-static Tips For PCBA Processing

Anti-static Tips For PCBA Processing


Anti-static Tips For PCBA Processing

Anti-static Tips For PCBA Processing
On PCBA processing, the staff must be strictly asked for accordance with the bom, PCB printing and outsourcing processing requirements for instrumentation or SMT component.But the electronic components are often be destroyed by the more or less static electricity.The static electricity will be released at the time of discharge electromagnetic pulse, so that when computing error,sometimes also cause damage to devices and circuit.In order to protect the machine and components, how should the PCBA process anti-static?
Precautions against static electricity are as follows:

1. All staff in contact with components and products shall wear anti-static clothes, anti-static bracelets and anti-static shoes.

2. The anti-static system must have a reliable grounding device. The anti-static ground wire shall not be connected to the zero line of power supply and shall not be shared with the anti-lightning ground wire.

3. All components are treated as electrostatic sensitive devices.

4. Anti-static work table shall be used during operation, and anti-static containers shall be used for components and semi-finished products.

5. The welding equipment is reliably grounded and the electric soldering iron adopts anti-static type which should be tested before use.

6. Warehouse management wear anti-static gloves when issuing materials and IQC testing.

7. Periodically test the above-mentioned anti-static tools, Settings and materials to confirm that they are in the required condition.